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On an anti-viral enzyme that digests spike proteins of coronaviruses and treats the most serious symptoms of Covid-19.

Is a cure for Covid-19 already on the shelf?

A common protein-digesting enzyme has already been proven to digest the spike proteins that coronaviruses use to infect birds and mammals. Bromelain has also been proven in clinical settings to treat the deadliest of it’s symptoms. It has been proven to improve breathing, reduce swelling and fluids in the lungs, thin mucus, prevent blood clots and balance the immune response to possibly prevent dangerous cytokine imbalances. We provide scientific evidence to promote further research into this enzyme as the science here shows that it should be investigated further.

Why Bromelain?

Right now, we are tired of the pandemic and feel bromelain holds the most promise for us. If this enzyme can show it works in studies on Covid patients, it is a low-cost and safe solution. We believe this enzyme is getting overlooked due to it’s availability and so it lacks traditional sponsors for clinical studies. However, it is classified as a generally recognized as safe substance (GRAS) substance by the United States Food & Drug Administration, and so it can begin in trials immediately to treat Covid patients.

A coronavirus cell before .7 mg/ml of bromelain


A coronavirus cell after .7 mg/ml of bromelain

A coronavirus cell after .7mg/ml of bromelain

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This paper is based on our research findings from different studies and shouldn‘t be taken as medical advice or fact. 

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